Our Mission

The mission of the Book Wagon is to increase the number of books in San Francisco homes. We do this by giving away free books that children may keep, and we generate excitement about reading through book ownership. The Book Wagon brings a wide assortment of family-friendly books to elementary schools and parks, and children choose what they want to read, bring the books home, and start a library. A home library creates an environment in which reading is a part of the continuing activity of life.

Books in the home opens the world to a child and invigorates a child’s imagination. We know that books are expensive though, and buying and owning a library of children’s books is not always an option. The Book Wagon acts to put this goal within reach. The books we share are free, popular with young readers, culturally diverse, multi lingual, and appropriate to ages from pre school to sixth grade. 

We partner with elementary schools and community groups to join together in lifting up our children and supporting their educational and cultural lives in our City. 

Why Books?

Books have astonishing benefits for children. They are the tools that children need to develop basic language skills, expand their vocabularies, feed their imagination and build self-esteem. Books are interactive; they ask that kids think. 

Today, a lot of competition exists for a child’s attention – social media, games, videos - but teachers and parents know that books, and the ability to read at one’s age level, are a key determinate for success. Reading aloud to children creates a powerful bond and opens up a wide world outside the home.  Books form a bridge to the imagination; books can become your best friend in tough times. Many found books to be our best companion during the long pandemic.

Home Library & Book Ownership

If you want your children to be intelligent, read them fairy tales. If you want them to be more intelligent, read them more fairy tales. 
Albert Einstein

Our Mission is to get books into the hands of children and to generate excitement about owning and reading books. Children seem eager to choose their own books and we believe they value the books they bring home.

We fulfill our mission through the free distribution of books at school yards and parks. We encourage reading and learning, and promote this by offering a wide selection of books that appeal to elementary school children.

Our Team

Suzanne Korey


Laura Cano Amela


Carmela Guaglianone


Sandra Dieffenderfer