Book Wagon SF

We believe in books.

Our Purpose

The Book Wagon puts free books into the hands of children. After a pandemic year of closed schools, we are facing an ‘all hands-on deck’ moment. It is up to all of us to respond to this moment by promoting literacy and sharing the excitement and joy of reading with children.

We have access to high quality, culturally diverse books that we distribute around the city. Acknowledging the excellent resources of the public library and its book mobiles, we amplify this work by encouraging book ownership through the free distribution of books.

Book Ownership Matters

Children who grow up surrounded by books have an advantage in school regardless of their family income or their parents' educations. This amazing piece of information shows the value of book ownership for children, which is why the Book Wagon gives free books to children at schools and parks.

With books in your home, you’re more likely to read to your children and see them reading on their own or with friends and siblings. And when children get to choose their own books they are more likely to pick them up and read them.

Any book that helps a child to form a habit of reading, to make reading one of his needs, is good for him. Maya Angelou

Parks, Schools, and Neighborhood Organizations

We bring the Book Wagon to neighborhood parks and elementary schools. And we invite community organizations to reach out to us if you want more books, or want to replenish your collection. We will help make sure there is a robust library at your site for the boys and girls. If you're interested in requesting particular books for your Center, email us at and we'll be in contact with you.